About SOCA

What Are We Striving to Do?

The recent global health crisis has had a huge impact on the arts industry. Artists, musicians, and performers dependent on live events and face-to-face interactions have lost their main source of income, and it is uncertain when (and if) they will be able to resume their livelihood as normal.
Now is the time to give back to these artists, musicians, and performers, who contribute so much to the joy, vibrancy, and quality of our lives and culture.

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SOCA – Support our Canadian Artist – is rising funds for those deprived artists. Funds will support artists in any discipline, who have been directly impacted by event cancellations and venue closures due to COVID19-related health concerns. The funds raised will offer relief to artists in the short term in the form of a one-time cash stipend and in the long term in the form of resources for alternative, sustainable economic opportunities.

The Need​

With events being cancelled and venues being closed across the nation due to COVID-19 concerns, people working in the arts economy have been hit hard. Artists, musicians, and performers—dependent on live events and face-to-face interactions for their livelihood—have lost access to their main source of income.

Most artists and performers were not financially prepared for this type of crisis. Many of them are suffering significant unanticipated losses from unpaid work after putting months of preparation toward contracts that were cancelled along with event and venue closures. And they’re facing a truly dire situation with their livelihoods in jeopardy now and for the foreseeable future.


Who can apply?

Any individual artist or artisan in any discipline whose income has been impacted by COVID-19 related cancellations and closures may apply for emergency relief and support.

The only requirements are that you must be able to demonstrate:

    1. You are an artist or artisans actively working in the arts sector as your primary career.
    2. You have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.
    3. You have not received any financial support from the Government or any other organization.

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