SOCA is the collective initiative of

Canin Cultural Council

Canin Cultural Council was founded in 2018 to connect artists with their ideal audience, be it through a rigorous Public Relations Campaign, helping them access programming and grants or readings, live demonstrations and workshops. The Council works with artists practicing all forms of art to connect them with their immediate and extended audience through collaborations, exhibitions, and public appearances.

About Artists and Artisans Development and Network

Artists & Artisans Development Network (AADN) was founded in 2014 to provide resources and community development for artists and artisans who are immigrants and newcomers to Canada. The mission is t o provide support and opportunities for economic and social development to artists and artisans of all artistic practices who are newcomers to Canada or from other visible minority groups. The organization works with over 500 artists in over 12 languages, helping them access cultural and economic opportunities.