The charity concert hopes to raise funds to support the art community to continue to eke out a meaningful living during these challenging times

Top Indian Classic Rock artistes are all set to headline Canada – India’s first ever collaborative virtual Rock concert. The concert will feature top acts from the Classic Rock circuit in India including Rahul Ram, Hitesh Rikki Madan, Marie Paul and Mehmood Curmally and Toronto-based Bollywood singer-songwriter Atul Ahuja who will perform alongside Canadian artists Carla, JJ, Brayo Bryans and Max Parker to name a few.

Titled A Tribute to the Legends of Rock, the concert is being hosted to raise funds for SOCA – Support Our Canadian Artists – to help Canadian artists reeling from the effects of festivals, events and gigs being cancelled in 2020 summer as a result of the COVID-19.

It will take place on Saturday, June 13 on Facebook Live SOCA – Support Our Canadian Artists page, at 12.00 pm EST / 9.30 pm IST. Although the live concert will be free-to-view, viewers and fans will be asked to donate generously, to support the cause.

“We’re extremely grateful to all these artistes who’ve agreed to lend their talent to support the cause,” says Khalid Sayed, President, Canin Cultural Council and the vision behind this concert. “It’s a validation of what we’re trying to do as artists during these extremely difficult times.”

“I’ve been a professional musician since my teenage years,” says Hitesh Rikki Madan, singer, songwriter, composer, guitarist, music producer and the founder of the New-Delhi based award winning rock band Eka. “This is the first time we’re experiencing this sort of downtime. My heart goes out to my fellow musicians and so I am here to support them in any way I can.”

“During this concert, Canadian artistes will perform alongside artistes from India,” says singer-songwriter Atul Ahuja. Ahuja’s most recent song Skies are Pink has been featured in the recent Bollywood film The Sky is Pink. “We hope that this opportunity will open many more doors for Canadian artists to showcase their talent.”

The concert is being hosted in association with singer-songwriter Atul Ahuja, famed for the title track of the Bollywood film, Sky is Pink and Artists and Artisans Development and Network.

Talking about his vision, Sayed said: “This is especially a very difficult time for Canadian emerging artists. With festivals and gigs being called off, many are finding it difficult to make ends meet. And what’s worse is a large section of these artists are ineligible for the benefits that are being generously offered by the Canadian Government.

“This is our humble effort to help these emerging artists continue to create and monetize meaningful works of art during these challenging times.”

“Artists have, since time immemorial, through their works of art given perspective to our lives. They’ve made us laugh, cry, given us hope and belief,” says Shirin Mandani, President of Artists and Artisans Development and Network.  “During these extremely challenging times, it is our responsibility to stand with our artist community and tell them that they are not alone.”

All funds raised from the concert will go towards supporting the SOCA – Support Our Canadian Artist initiative. For more information about this initiative, please visit